May 15, 2023

SpeeDee’s Fleet Service Program Helps Drive Franchise Revenue Growth

A line of fleet vehicles. Joining our fleet program can boost franchise revenue.

Fleet program helps fill oil change bays with predictable, high-volume repeat business

Did you know that SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® offers fleet services? If you’re interested in owning a SpeeDee center or in becoming a multi-unit owner, servicing fleets is a great way to grow franchise revenue and generate repeat business from high-volume customers.

Recently we asked Bo Durkop, Regional Fleet Specialist, to tell SpeeDee owners and potential owners more about the program.

How the program works

What is the fleet program?
It’s a national program that SpeeDee owners can enroll in. We partner with companies that represent hundreds of thousands of vehicles that need oil changes. Franchise owners manage maintenance services for all those vehicles. For example, we provide services for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Holman, and U-Haul, to name a few.

Can any SpeeDee owner enroll?
Yes. You can start with one location, but it’s better if you can offer multiple locations, especially in metro areas. The more franchise units you have, the more attractive you are to businesses that have large service areas.

Program benefits

What are the benefits of enrolling in the fleet program?
There are multiple benefits, but a huge benefit is how offering fleet services can impact your retail business. 

Bo Durkop (far left) and a group of people at FullSpeed Automotive's 2023 Franchise Conference take a selfie.

Bo Durkop (far left)

When you have multiple units, you probably have a few units that are completely crushing it. Then you have those that are lagging behind. For these slower centers, fleet services will give you visual appeal, which will draw in additional retail business. 

For example, if I see a shop with empty bays, then I’ll drive by. But if it’s busy, I’ll notice it. The visual appeal attracts more customers. Whether you’re doing a lot of business or just a little, we can work with you.

Fleets usually get a discount, but it’s a great opportunity. Some can send up to 20 oil changes a week. Also, the ticket average is much higher because fleets request additional services to ensure their vehicles keep running.

Tips to get started

What advice would you give someone thinking of offering fleet service?
There are three steps I suggest:

  1. Sign up for the national fleet program. This is the easiest way to take advantage of opportunities with national fleets.
  2. Talk to potential fleets that come in for service. It’s possible that a customer is a business owner or a manager with a large fleet.
  3. Meet with businesses in your community within a 2- to 3-mile radius.

Can you tell us more about steps 2 and 3?
Sure. Talk to your customers when they come in for service. If you see a van pull through with a company name on the panel, have a conversation with that person. Tell them about the fleet program. 

If it’s a driver, find out who decides where the vehicle is serviced. Let them know about the benefits of the fleet service. Build relationships with people who are already coming to your shop. 

Spend time in the community. Two examples are schools and businesses. When you introduce yourself, don’t try to sell something. Just say hi. Find ways to build those relationships.

Who can franchisees contact about the program?
The Fleet Team at FullSpeed Automotive will be glad to answer your questions and help you find opportunities. The best way to get in touch is through the fleet inbox

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