August 5, 2021

How FullSpeed Automotive Is Helping Its Car Care Brands Tap Into the Booming Commercial Vehicle Market

A fleet of commercial vans is lined up in a parking lot.

With more than 80 years of combined experience, the multi-brand automotive franchisor is working to bring a lucrative new fleet business to its franchise owners.

When FullSpeed Automotive fleet specialist Brian Brooks sees commercial vehicles out on the road, he sees opportunity on wheels.

A rainmaker of sorts for the car care parent company — whose brands include SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service and Grease Monkey — Brooks works to build its fleet business, which in turn brings profit to its franchise partners.

“Commercial vehicles are driving by our stores every couple of minutes, so I’m always keeping an eye out,” Brooks said. “Unlike a regular customer, once you land a commercial customer, they are very consistent. Typically, there’s an account set up through the central office, which means their entire fleet can be serviced by multiple locations within our brands.”

For SpeeDee’s and Grease Monkey’s 675-plus locations, that means recurring revenue that they couldn’t otherwise get themselves. While a single SpeeDee or Grease Monkey franchise location can’t service a company like Amazon with thousands of cars and trucks on the road across the country, multiple franchisees can.

Like an air traffic controller for cars, Brooks maps out an efficient strategy and puts packages together that allow large companies to see FullSpeed Automotive’s franchise partners as one cohesive national brand offering quick service pit stops across the country.

In fact, a cornerstone of the Grease Monkey business model is its Certified Pit Crew program, which trains teams to deliver speed, quality, and a high level of customer service at every service visit, offering a discount on an oil change if it’s not completed in the promised time.

As its name implies, SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service is also known for its speedy 17-point oil changes, tune-ups, and extensive menu of repairs, including manufacturer’s recommended services performed by SpeeDee Performance Certified technicians.

“Today, it’s all about speed,” Brooks said. “People just don’t have time to spend hours waiting for their cars to be serviced.”

FullSpeed Automotive’s centralized billing system is another big draw for companies with large fleets. “Instead of having drivers use their personal credit cards and get reimbursed later, our multi-location billing allows companies to save time and money on unnecessary paperwork and have everything they need at their fingertips,” Brooks said.

Already finding success building FullSpeed Automotive’s fleet business, Brooks expects the trend to continue. “Online sales are skyrocketing, which means a lot more commercial vehicles are out on the roads right now,” he said. “Everywhere you look there’s a Jimmy John’s truck, a Panera van or an Amazon delivery vehicle. While regular customers are not driving as much these days, commercial vehicles are driving more than ever, which means they need their brakes serviced more often, as well as new tires and oil changes more frequently.”

For FullSpeed Automotive franchise partners, the fleet segment represents a huge opportunity — one that Brooks is happy to deliver. “This is part of the support that FullSpeed has for its franchisees,” he added. “Their success is our success.”